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/20's for the needy


Justin W. Newton wrote:
> At 05:20 PM 7/2/97 -0500, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> >Future:
> >. Must be renewed every 12 months or will be reclaimed automatically
> >. Will not be allocated other PI blocks until the /20 is scheduled for return
> >
> >>      By education I'm talking about things like Justin's post to
> >>      NANOG the other day, where he was inviting people to volunteer
> >>      to help the folks who, according to Tony's CIDR report, are
> >>      having aggregation problems (or making mistakes.)
> >
> >I went through the CIDR report once and emailed the contact for every AS in
> >the "most wanted" list, plus all of the "potentially interesting
> >aggregates" section, to offer any assistance they needed to make their
> >advertisements more efficient; only one provider (ANS) admitted any
> >problems (they were advertising 96 more-specifics for a B), and the rest
> >claimed to have everything configured properly and that they didn't want
> >any assistance.
> Wait until I finish going through the list, finding out what really /is/
> going on with the announcements (there are some cases when advertising a
> more specific is a perfectly reasonable thing to do), and begin the process
> of getting press coverage as to how these people are "poisoning" the
> internet.  I am as willing to play nice as the next guy, but I won't see
> the net damaged by a handful of people too lazy to do the right thing.
> Expect the report to be ready within the next few days, offers of help to
> go out next week, and the real pressure to follow.

  Always willing to help in any way I can.  >;)  Just to let me 
know...  I am sure many others are as well.  Remember you are
always going to have your 10%'ers out there.  It is inevitable.
> People need to stop peeing in the water the rest of us are swimming in.
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