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/20's for the needy

At 05:20 PM 7/2/97 -0500, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>. Must be renewed every 12 months or will be reclaimed automatically
>. Will not be allocated other PI blocks until the /20 is scheduled for return
>>	By education I'm talking about things like Justin's post to
>>	NANOG the other day, where he was inviting people to volunteer
>>	to help the folks who, according to Tony's CIDR report, are
>>	having aggregation problems (or making mistakes.)
>I went through the CIDR report once and emailed the contact for every AS in
>the "most wanted" list, plus all of the "potentially interesting
>aggregates" section, to offer any assistance they needed to make their
>advertisements more efficient; only one provider (ANS) admitted any
>problems (they were advertising 96 more-specifics for a B), and the rest
>claimed to have everything configured properly and that they didn't want
>any assistance.

Wait until I finish going through the list, finding out what really /is/
going on with the announcements (there are some cases when advertising a
more specific is a perfectly reasonable thing to do), and begin the process
of getting press coverage as to how these people are "poisoning" the
internet.  I am as willing to play nice as the next guy, but I won't see
the net damaged by a handful of people too lazy to do the right thing.
Expect the report to be ready within the next few days, offers of help to
go out next week, and the real pressure to follow.

People need to stop peeing in the water the rest of us are swimming in.

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