NAIPR Message

Why split IP allocations from the Internic?

> I would like to see a position paper from all of the
> BOT at least describing their platform and long term
> views.
You've mentioned this a couple times now.  While it's not a bad idea 
on its face, neither does it seem terribly important.  

It would appear that the proposed board was selected on the basis of 
their past accomplishments.  This is a good thing.  Achievement in 
the industry means a lot more than a position paper.  Words are 

IMHO, demanding a position paper at this stage of the game only 
serves the purpose of forcing candidates to state how they will 
handle future issues before they've had a complete opportunity to 
wrestle with them on the job.  While there are pros and cons to this 
approach, I believe it is unnecessary given the stature of the people 
on the proposed board.

Mark Borchers
InfiNet Network Engineering
NOC: (757) 624-2295 ext. 3007