NAIPR Message

Token Posting

>Jim Fleming wrote:

> As shown below, the indicator is placed at the
> top of the list of founders. After that founder posts,
> they move the arrow to the next founder.
> Raymundo Vega Aguilar - ?email? <--------------
> Randy Bush - randy at
> Scott Bradner - sob at
> John Curran - jcurran at
> Kim Hubbard - kimh at
> Jon Postel - postel at
> Donald N. Telage - dont at
> --
> Jim Fleming

Why does this remind me of the Tower of Hanoi problem? 

Anyone who wants to set up their own moderated list may by all means do
so. In this free economy of ideas subscribers will no doubt migrate in a
self-annealing manner to the highest-content-value list.