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Feds investigate domain-name administration

Watchdog agency to release recommendations for reforming controversial system
By Todd R. Wallack

Network World Fusion 

The way Internet domain names are doled out has come under
the scrutiny of a federal investigative agency. The National Science Foundation's
Office of Inspector General recently came up with a 17-page report with proposed
changes in the way domain names are administered, but will not release the
information until after the NSF formally prepares a response, Network World Fusion
has learned. 

The OIG is a separate department in the NSF that acts as a watchdog,
reporting directly to the National Science Board, which oversees the NSF,
and to Congress.  "They take a look at NSF practices to make sure we
are staying in line," said Beth Gaston, a spokeswoman for the NSF.

.... [Background on the issue]

The OIG reportedly gathered reams of documents from the Internet and from
the NSF to prepare the report. OIG officials said they planned to release some
of the documents immediately, in response to a FOIA request filed by
Network World on Feb. 7, but would not be able to release most of the
information until later.

Only a handful of people outside the NSF seemed to be aware of the
investigation. Even NSI said it was kept in the dark.

.... [Quotes from NSI and other members of the Internet community.]