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ARIN - Canada and Mexico

 Jim Fleming <JimFleming at> writes:
 * Several people have asked about Canada and Mexico.
 * >From what I can tell, Canada is not represented on the
 * proposed ARIN Board of Trustees. Is there a reason ?
 * Also, Canada and Mexico are each countries with their
 * own internal structure. How they choose to organize
 * the management of Internet resources in their country
 * is probably best left up to them.
 * I would think that each country would be capable of
 * having the proper officials from their country contact
 * the proper officials in the U.S. to discuss their
 * allocations of Internet resources. This holds for all
 * countries in the world.

Why should they need to go to the US?

Would it be reasonable to say that the US officials could go to
the correct officials in Australia for their Internet resources?

We could move all registration services out of the USA and put one
in each tax haven. Internet resources are global resources not
US resources. They should, IMHO, be divided according to need
by registries int he region that they are based. The current system
does this. I see much more sense in having an Afrikan  or a South
American registry to go alongside the present registries than 
putting 50 registries in the USA.

As this is only vaguely related to ARIN, this is my last word on 
the subject.

John Crain