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On Thursday, February 27, 1997 11:54 AM, David R. Conrad[SMTP:davidc at] wrote:
@ >Can you expand on..."the registries do not recognize such transfers"...?
@ Read RFC 2050.  Could you expand on why you think Canada and Mexico
@ should be treated like US states?

I consider Canada and Mexico to be countries.

I refer you to the story I have told in the past about my
meeting with the Minister of Communication in Canada
in the late 70's when I was working for AT&T. I am sure
you have heard it.

@ >If the registries "promote" routability, then why does the InterNIC
@ >carefully select blocks for ISPs and then make them sign or
@ >agree to a statement that the block is not routable ?
@ While the registries can in no way guarantee routability, it is
@ plainly obvious to anyone who can rub two braincells together that we
@ do have some impact on the likelihood of routability.  For example, if
@ we allocate a /16 to an organization that justifies it, such a prefix
@ is a bit more likely to be routed that 65536 /32s allocated at random
@ over the IPv4 space.  If you don't understand this, I'd recommend
@ reading any of the many introductory books on TCP/IP.  Now, since the
@ registries cannot guarantee routability, I think it appropriate that
@ we do what we can to inform the people who demand we allocate to them
@ that what they are being allocated may not be useful to them, don't
@ you?

Yes, registries are able to mismanage resources.

I would hope we are talking about building registries to properly
manage the resources, not to make a mess as we have seen.

@ >Do you think that allocating radio spectrum to AM and FM
@ >stations is a technical matter ?
@ It should be.  This is one reason I don't think having the FCC manage
@ the IP address space would be a good idea.

OK...I have heard they have some very good technical people.

@ >Are interstate highways, civil engineering problems ?
@ Are vascular systems surgical problems?


Before we continue any further. I think that we need
to make sure that you define your role in these matters
as the owner/director (?) of APNIC, the registry that
handles IP address allocations for a fee in the Asia Pacific

Please expand and also explain where you purchased
the 32 bit addresses that you are selling/leasing etc.


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Unir Corporation

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