NAIPR Message


>Can you expand on..."the registries do not recognize such transfers"...?

Read RFC 2050.  Could you expand on why you think Canada and Mexico
should be treated like US states?

>If the registries "promote" routability, then why does the InterNIC
>carefully select blocks for ISPs and then make them sign or
>agree to a statement that the block is not routable ?

While the registries can in no way guarantee routability, it is
plainly obvious to anyone who can rub two braincells together that we
do have some impact on the likelihood of routability.  For example, if
we allocate a /16 to an organization that justifies it, such a prefix
is a bit more likely to be routed that 65536 /32s allocated at random
over the IPv4 space.  If you don't understand this, I'd recommend
reading any of the many introductory books on TCP/IP.  Now, since the
registries cannot guarantee routability, I think it appropriate that
we do what we can to inform the people who demand we allocate to them
that what they are being allocated may not be useful to them, don't

>Do you think that allocating radio spectrum to AM and FM
>stations is a technical matter ?

It should be.  This is one reason I don't think having the FCC manage
the IP address space would be a good idea.

>Are interstate highways, civil engineering problems ?

Are vascular systems surgical problems?