NAIPR Message

"leasing" the addresses

>>"Above all else, it should be stressed that ARIN will not be
>>"selling" IP numbers.
>> The registration fees are for the
>>registration services rendered by ARIN

>Why not just say you are "leasing" the addresses and
>skip the mumbo jumbo....?

I'm surprised you have such a hard time understanding this, one might
get the impression you do but because you don't like the answer, keep
asking the same question.  Not that you'd ever do that.

Simply: because the registries are not leasing (or selling) addresses.
Once the allocation is made, no additional payments are necessary
(although there has been discussion of having a low maintenance fee to
keep the databases up to date).  Further, as there is no limit to the
amount of (justified) space you can obtain after paying a fee, it
should be obvious address space itself isn't being leased (or sold).

>What is the point of the above ?

To explain to the newbies and the congenitially confused that the
registries are not selling (or leasing) address space.

Would you explain why you treat Mexico and Canada the same as US
states?  Oh, and while you're at it, could you explain what Central
and Latin America, the Carribean nations, and the southern part of
Africa should do for addresses?