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"leasing" the addresses

On Thursday, February 27, 1997 8:05 PM, Stan Barber[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ Jim:
@ Thanks for the reference. However, you could have just put it in the message
@ once. There was no need to repeat it four times, especially since I don't see
@ how it addresses the other questions or requests for information or 
@ clarification. Specifcially, it  does not appear to clear up any of the 
@ questions about your claims that the folks involved with ARIN have no 
@ experience in cloning NICs, or provides any references about the history 
@ of the other NICs. Will you be able to address those for me?
@ It does help answer the first question about the legal proof about IANA.
@ Thanks for that. It will be a most interesting case to track.
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