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Cloning the InterNic and AlterNIC

On Thursday, February 20, 1997 11:58 AM, Alan Derossett[SMTP:videogram at] wrote:
@ Michael Dillon wrote:
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@ > On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Dennis Oszuscik wrote:
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@ >  I am trying to start a new ISP for Handiecap people and all i get
@ >  is a BIG RUNAROUND, like goto your upstream provider, you need to
@ >  check rfcXXXX and so on..
@ > 
@ > Why is this a big runaround. If you got to your upstream provider and ask
@ > for the IP address space that you need then they will give it to you.
@ > This is how all ISP's get started.
@  My upstream provider charges $45.00 for each IP number we need,and they
@ will only give you a number once a domain is registered.I am at
@ an economic disadvantage.Would love to pay $2500 for a 19/ but the way
@ it's set-up only the isp's already useing thousands of IP numbers will
@ be allowed to purchase a block.Erols currently charges $75.00 I'am
@ told.If the numbers were portable I wouldn't feel so bad about paying
@ but I cant ask my customers to pay for me to change providers.
@ Alan DeRossett
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Again, I suggest that you obtain your own IP addresses.

The National Science Foundation is in charge of the InterNIC.
If you can not obtain satisfaction from the InterNIC, you need
to talk to the NSF (see below). You might be surprised how
fast the U.S. Federal Government can make things happen,
compared to the InterNIC.

Network Solutions, Inc. needs to figure out that there is
a total job to do and they have been granted a monopoly
by the NSF to do part of that total job. The IP address
allocation situation is a mess. It appears that NSI has
spent their time on the $50/year domain name side of
the business. You should not suffer because of that.

Some people claim that the solution is to fragment the
InterNIC. ARIN is one proposal. In my opinion, the
solution is to see the last year of the contract through
and to do the job that was contracted.

According to the following, Network Solutions, Inc.
is doing the job....


Again...I guarantee the following people are being
paid to make sure that NSI does their job. Use them
as a resource, if you are a U.S. taxpayer, you are
paying for this service either way.

Jim Fleming


President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore

National Science Board (NSB)
	The NSB has dual responsibilities as: 
		. National science policy advisor to the President
			and the Congress
		. Governing body for the National Science Foundation

	Chairman NSB - Dr. Richard N. Zare, Stanford University
		rnz at

	Office of Inspector General of the NSF (also links to Congress)
		Inspector General - Linda G. Sundro - lsundro at
			Investigator - Clara Kuehn - ckuehn at
National Science Foundation
	Neal Lane - nlane at
		Juris Hartmanis - jhartman at
			George Strawn - gstrawn at
				Don Mitchell - dmitchel at


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

JimFleming at
JimFleming at unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)