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Internic Abuse Mailing List

Dr. George Strawn
National Science Foundation
Arlington, VA

Dear Dr. Strawn:

As the NSF employee in charge of the InterNIC contracts
you might want to consider following the mailing list described

As you know, it is always important to get customer feedback
especially in a business like yours which is financed by the
taxpayers in the United States.

Jim Fleming


Subject:      Internic Abuse Mailing List
From:         brent at (Brent)
Date:         1997/01/19
Message-Id:   <5bscq9$cr2$1 at>
Organization: Internet Maine, Inc.
Keywords:     abuse internic nsi money
Summary:      Internic Abuse


Just in time for 1997 I have established a mailing list that is 
specifically to deal with the abuses committed by Network Solutions Inc., 
aka The Internic.  The Internic has been double billing, over charging 
and refusing refunds for over a year now.  It's time we all put an end to 
them, and to thier pathetic attempt to start selling IP numbers for thier 
own profit.

To subscribe send email to majordomo at and put subscribe 
internic-abuse in the body.  You'll be amazed and reassured to find you 
are not alone.  Once we have enough dirt on them we will be able to bring 
a class action suit against them.


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Here's the general information for the list you've
subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

The Internic-Abuse mailing list was created to address the issue of all
the TLD's (Top Level Domains) such as .com, .net, and .org being
controlled by one company.  This company is Network Solutions Inc., a
subsidary of SAIC.

Network Solutions Inc. d/b/a The Internic has been accused of seveal
abuses. Most notably over charging, double charging, refusing to issue
refunds, and engaging in other 'anti-trust' practices.

This list is not about alternatives, or other means to handle DNS and IP
issues.  It is about the improper actions of Network Solutions Inc. 

This list is unmoderated however I will request that we keep it on topic.
The ultimate aim of this list is two things.

1. To prevent Network Solutions Inc from getting a contract renewal in 
1998 after it current contract with the NSF runs out.

2. To obtain proper refunds for parties who have been over charged by
Network Solutions Inc.


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

JimFleming at
JimFleming at unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)