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Why split IP allocations from the Internic?

At 03:27 PM 2/26/97 -0600, Jim Fleming wrote:
>Has the ISP/C considered helping in this area?
>It seems you folks just went through a lot of these issues
>and are really getting things organized.

I am speaking for myself based on other opinions in the ISP/C, and NOT as a
BoD member of ISP/C at the moment.  I believe that we would be willing to
help either as individuals or as a group.  We are /very/ interested in
following the ARIN proposal, and will be posting more "official" comments
on the proposal as time goes on.  Actually, Tim Brown and I did most of the
bylaw work for ISP/C, basing it on some other non-profits' bylaws.  I'll
repeat my offer that I would like to provide any assistance I can for ARIN.

Justin Newton				
Network Architect					
Erol's Internet Services
ISP/C Director at Large