NAIPR Message

Please send comments...

At 09:35 AM 2/26/97 -0600, Jim Fleming wrote:
>ARIN Discussion Members
>Please send your comments to the ARIN discussion list.
>I find it inconsistent that people send me private comments
>about how the public ARIN discussion should operate and
>they do not make those comments in public when they
>obviously would help move the discussion forward.

Actually we were just trying not to waste any more space than you already
have.  Since you are the main offender in these space wasting exercises it
seemed wrong to waste the time of everyone else on the list with more
useless dribble.  I suppose it doesn't make any difference since you ignore
the content of most posts be they either public or private, and chose
instead to try and find minutia in the posts to try and distract from the
original content, but what the heck.

Justin Newton				
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