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At 12:13 PM 4/26/97 -0400, Rob Marlowe wrote:
>>I find it inconsistent that people send me private comments
>>about how the public ARIN discussion should operate and
>>they do not make those comments in public when they
>>obviously would help move the discussion forward.
>Probably because anyone who disagrees with what is being proposed is
>immediately flamed.

I sent very extensive comments about the flaws that I saw in the original
ARIN proposal, and while people disagreed with me, I don't believe that I
was ever flamed (or if I was I ignored it as I tend to ignore low content
posts in general).  /I/ haven't seen any high content postings (with high
content being a personal opinion) ignored by the people who are drafting
the proposal.  The idea here is to make a good proposal, if you have gone
out and informed yourself of the issues involved (which is a pretty
extensive reading list), and believe that you have a contribution to make,
why would you CARE if someone flamed you?  If you haven't botheredd reading
everything and post to the list because you are right and you know it
goddamnit, well then you deserve to be flamed, and preferably hung from the
nearest tree.

Justin Newton				
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