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On Saturday, February 22, 1997 12:42 PM, Michael Dillon[SMTP:michael at MEMRA.COM] wrote:
@ On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Jim Fleming wrote:

@ See what happens when you get the politicians and the lawyers involved. 
@ No thanks Jim, I'll stick with RIPE, APNIC, the Internic and the soon
@ to be formed ARIN. Industry self-regulation all the way. 

If ARIN is what you call industry self-regulation, then
why doesn't ARIN step out into the industry...?

Why does ARIN need to be able to advertise on the
U.S. Government's InterNIC web site ? Other companies
are not allowed to advertise there....

Why doesn't ARIN advertise on Network Solutions site,
and BBN's site...?

Why doesn't BBN just back ARIN...?

Why is the U.S. Government's InterNIC brought into play ?

If Disney wants to build a theme park they obtain land
and do it. They do not expect the U.S. Government to
deed over Yellowstone to make sure they succeed.

The people behind ARIN are not the "industry". They
are funded by the U.S. Government. Why are they
trying to use U.S. Government intellectual property
to launch their private business ?

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Unir Corporation

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