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Short Form 1040/19 EZ

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Jim Fleming wrote:

> Is it true that some consultants make their living as an advocate
> for ISPs at the InterNIC ?

I wouldn't know. I have been asked by ISP's to handle their applications
for address space with the Internic but I have declined because I feel
that it is in their best interests to do this themselves. Partly this is
because it isn't very complicated to go through the application process
and partly since the process
of documenting their downstream networks is a very valuable educational
thing for the ISP. They usually find a whole range of things that need 
fixing in the process and, done right, it can strenghthen their
relationship with their customers.

> This is similar to the attorneys who evidently make their living
> at the U.S. immigration office helping people navigate through
> the "lines". A friend of mine, who is from Ontario, told me that
> at first he stood in the long lines. He kept noticing people who
> looked like attorneys going in an out of the offices on the side.

See what happens when you get the politicians and the lawyers involved. 
No thanks Jim, I'll stick with RIPE, APNIC, the Internic and the soon
to be formed ARIN. Industry self-regulation all the way. 

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