NAIPR Message

ARIN Fragments the InterNIC

>"no government money"...? is $1.4 million...

What's a piddly $1.4M research grant (the gov't gives these away all the
time, the fact that it's on routing technology is not special) compared to
the $300M that UUnet is spending to upgrade it's dialup pools and backbone?

>I agree IP allocation needs to be done.
>I have suggested that ARIN take ONE /8 and go do that
>as a private company, enforced by the government, using
>your words.

>Why not have ARIN start small and prove the concept ?
>It is called the "slow start" program for regional registries...

And in the meantime what's done with the rest?  Someone ought to spend a
little money on an IP protocol with more than 4 bytes of address space.

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