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Ellis Island, Herndon, VA

I recently saw a show about immigration to the U.S.
It described in detail what went on at Ellis Island.

It was hard to believe that some people came all
the way across the ocean only to be rejected because
they had some physical disability. It was also surprising
to see that families were separated in the processing
and some did not make it out the other side.

One of the most shocking parts was the fact that
people who were able to book passage on the ships
in the "staterooms" were allowed to walk down a
different gang plank and directly into the U.S.
Evidently, some of these people limped the same
as the people rejected, but the difference was they
had money to pay for their medical care.

One has to ask, whether in 50 years the InterNIC
will not be the subject of a documentary that shows
how some people walk right through and other
people never make it.

Maybe France or Canada can donate a statue
to be placed somewhere in Herndon, Virginia....

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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