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funded by the US government

Subject:      Re: InterNIC sanctions hate-based domain names
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Date:         1997/02/19
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On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Bradley Dunn wrote:

> > The US government doesn't pay the Internic to do anything. Their
> > operations are funded by the fees charges for .COM, .NET and .ORG domain
> > names.
> If this is true then the web page needs updated.
> "InterNIC Registration Services is located at Network Solutions, Inc.,
> Herndon, VA, and is funded by a cooperative agreement from the National
> Science Foundation..."

It doesn't say "funded by the US government" or "funded by the NSF". If
you would read the current cooperative agreement you would see that the
funding in question comes from domain name registrations.

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The current operational funding obviously comes from domain
name sales. I see that you bought one, rather than obtaining
a free Canadian registration. Obviously, you feel that has value.

If you are not familiar with the entire history of the InterNIC
you might want to read ALL of the documents that go into
great detail. Some are easy to find on the InterNIC's web
site and some of the links have been moved to more
obscur locations.

IF the InterNIC were a company, which it is not, the
shareholders (owners) would be the U.S. taxpayers
represented by the NSF which is like a Board of Directors.
The NSF provided several million dollars in "seed capital"
to help fund the InterNIC.

That investment is now paying off. There is a fund where
30% of the domain name fees are placed for the NSF
to use to fund additional infrastructure (like more NICs).
There is over $12.6 million in the fund.

Not only did the U.S. fund the InterNIC "financially", they
funded it intellectually. Without the clout and stability
of the U.S. Government the InterNIC would have no
standing. The world of investors have beat a path to
the door of the Internet and the InterNIC because of
U.S. Government backing, funding, what have you.

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