NAIPR Message

Nit for section 2.3

The "current" routing restrictions refer to the specific filters
in place.


> What are the routing restrictions that are mentioned here?  Is
> this the general scaling problem of routing tables or the
> specific filters on routing announcements that some providers
> choose to implement?
> -scott
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> SECTION 2.3 Individual Address Space Assignment 
> Those individuals/entities who will be the end users of a block of IP
> address space, and who receive their IP address space assignments directly
> from 
> ARIN as opposed to through an ISP, will be charged a one-time registration 
> fee. This one-time registration fee is based on the amount of address 
> space assigned. 
> The fee structure for receiving IP address space as an end user, directly
> from ARIN, is as follows: 
> PLEASE NOTE: Almost all end users will receive IP address space from 
> their upstream Internet Service Providers - not directly from ARIN. 
> Due to current routing restrictions, the IP registries in almost all 
> cases issue a minimum of a /19. As a result, the fee structure outlined 
> here begins with /19. All individuals/entities that do not meet the
> requirements for a /19 will be referred to their upstream service provider.