NAIPR Message

Nit for section 2.3

What are the routing restrictions that are mentioned here?  Is
this the general scaling problem of routing tables or the
specific filters on routing announcements that some providers
choose to implement?


SECTION 2.3 Individual Address Space Assignment 

Those individuals/entities who will be the end users of a block of IP
address space, and who receive their IP address space assignments directly
ARIN as opposed to through an ISP, will be charged a one-time registration 
fee. This one-time registration fee is based on the amount of address 
space assigned. 

The fee structure for receiving IP address space as an end user, directly
from ARIN, is as follows: 

PLEASE NOTE: Almost all end users will receive IP address space from 
their upstream Internet Service Providers - not directly from ARIN. 
Due to current routing restrictions, the IP registries in almost all 
cases issue a minimum of a /19. As a result, the fee structure outlined 
here begins with /19. All individuals/entities that do not meet the
requirements for a /19 will be referred to their upstream service provider.