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Membership Fee

Ideally these sorts of decisions are done through some 
consensus building rather than a strict voting scheme,
a voting scheme, though, coule be proportional to size of 
allocation, or perhaps based on membership status.
Suggestions welcome here.  

-scott (still playing catchup on old mail)

At 02:03 PM 1/20/97 -0800, Jerry Scharf wrote:
>> > My only concern at this point regarding the ARIN proposal (while we wait
>> > for Kim, anyways) is why the membership fee has to be so high.  I'm an
>> > individual who is quite interested in IP allocation issues and who would
>> > very much like to use any vote I might get to ensure that allocations are
>> > in the hands of people I feel appropriate.  However, as a high school
>> > geekoid searching for enough cash to get into university, I don't really
>> > have that ability, do I. :)
>> >
>> > I would prefer a model whereby ARIN membership could be expanded to
>> > include those hobbyists who care about abstract number assignments.
>> > While we aren't the ones likely to be multi-homed, the thought of an
>> > organization this powerful solely in the hands of the companies who want
>> > provider independant space doesn't sound appealing to me.
>> >
>> Very good point Billy....That is something that I am sure many folks out
>> there would like to see (myself included)...
>> Stephan R. May, Sr., Manager, Southeastern Online System Services
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>> Proud member of the Association of Online Professionals Board of Directors
>I, for one, think this is totally unreasonable. The people actually getting
>addresses from ARIN will probably be in the few hundred range. If
thousands of
>people are financially encouraged to be able to vote on the funding issues,
>the people footing the bills loose their voice. I don't want to make this
>sound like a club, but it is for the people who get services from ARIN, not
>for steering allocation policies or fee structures by outside organizations.
>We're not in a governemtnal situation here, there must be somre reflection of
>the size of the players. IMO. I don't deserve the same size vote as MCI or
>UUNet even if I get addresses from ARIN.