NAIPR Message


> Multiple connections to a single provider is "less redundant" than
> multiple connections to different providers.  If your one provider has
> major problems, you can still end up dead to the net whether you connect
> to one of their POP's or two. 

    No kidding.  IMHO, anyone who said that connecting at multiple point
to the same provider backbone is "redundant" wouldn't know "redundant"
if it came up and bit him in the ass.

    I have an MCI connection that's been great, but they've also melted
down a couple of times; it happens.  Nowadays, I'm hosting several sites
and users that make that an unacceptable occurrance, and I'll shortly
be multihoming.  It won't be with another connection to MCI, no matter
how happy I am with their performance.

    I've already been told by NSI that I can't have an ASN until I've
got a second connection or it's imminent - within 30 days.  Nevermind that
when that becomes the case, they'll most likely ignore me for three months
and waste thousands of my $$$ like they do with domain registrations.

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