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On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Michael Dillon wrote:

> > Now - try to get to 15K subscribers *without* multihoming.  Remember
> > that if you're only single-homed, you're right off the bat less
> > reliable than a multi-homed (the whole point is redundancy).  This
> You don't need to multihome to get redundancy. You can achieve the same
> reliability by using multiple links to an upstream provider that does
> multihoming. There are several providers already that supply this service
> to ISP's like TLG, IXA, Netaxs and so on.

Multiple connections to a single provider is "less redundant" than
multiple connections to different providers.  If your one provider has
major problems, you can still end up dead to the net whether you connect
to one of their POP's or two. 

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