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Competition for address allocation

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Tim Bass wrote:

> It would be quite good if some of the  more opinionated NAIPR posters 
> would broaden their reading list beyond RFCs and email lists.  

You mean like this article from Communications Week International?

> history of competitiveness in US and international telecommunications
> is quite well documented.   There is little reason for the gentlemen
> to conjecture on what is competitiveness when Freiden has done
> such an excellent job.

Some of us are just born skeptics, I guess. Seriously, though, this
conversation would be a good thing to carry on in the com-priv list.

Send a message reading

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to the address com-priv-request at
and bring up the topic. These days, com-priv is not a very high
traffic list so I think there is room for discussion of some of these
issues of competition etc.

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