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Competition for address allocation

On Thursday, February 06, 1997 3:15 PM, Tim Bass[SMTP:themeek at LINUX.SILKROAD.COM] wrote:
@ It would be quite good if some of the  more opinionated NAIPR posters 
@ would broaden their reading list beyond RFCs and email lists.  The
@ history of competitiveness in US and international telecommunications
@ is quite well documented.   There is little reason for the gentlemen
@ to conjecture on what is competitiveness when Freiden has done
@ such an excellent job.


Thanks for the great information. I agree with you completely
that many of the Internet Politicians should broaden their
horizons. Also, they may want to prepare for the day when
they are sitting in a court room that does not provide them
with high-speed access to the Internet. They may have to
actually answer questions in front of other humans.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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