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On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Kim Hubbard wrote:

> Nowhere in my message was the term "foregone conclusion" used.  The
> term "intention" was used.  If you know of other individuals you
> feel would be more appropriate for the position, I'm sure the Board
> would be interested in hearing about them. 

When I look at this overall situation, it looks a lot like when one
corporation sells off a division and the new owner gets the existing
employees, software, files, etc. intact. Except that in this case, 
the IP allocation function isn't owned by anyone and thus cannot be sold.

Am I correct in assuming that this is the "intention" of the ARIN
proposal, to transfer the existing operation including the existing
employees as a more or less intact unit?

> and say "but you are on the Board", I am getting ready to make
> some minor changes to the proposal, one of which is the modification
> of the makeup of the ARIN Board.

Minor nit here, but when you redo the BoT web page could you revise
the bio for Raymundo as per my earlier email to the list? I think
there will still be newcomers who need more information on the
personalities involved. And I think it wouldn't hurt to include a little
more background on yourself such as your participation in NANOG, IETF and
similar groups. I know this but a lot of people will get a somewhat
narrower picture from the bio that is currently there for you.

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