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On Tue, 04 Feb 1997 23:21:20 CST, Karl Denninger said:
> You want a /19 anyway.  Go get it from the NIC.  You REALLY want to be
> independant from any provider.  
> I believe that any ISP in the United States has a colorable restraint of
> trade claim if the NIC (or ARIN, should ARIN come about) refuses such a
> request.  


Very true.  Now if *SOMEBODY*, *ANYBODY* at ARIN would just come out
and *say* "you can get a /19 if you're multihoming, even if you're
not big enough", I'll shut up on this topic. ;)

It would *definitely* be 'restraint of trade' if you can't get a /19
from the NIC until you're "big enough", if you can't get big enough
without multihoming. And trust me - down here in southwest Virginia,
you have to seize a *big* chunk of customer base to get that big, and
with 4-5 companies actively involved, reliability is a big issue.
With and Bell Atlantic looking for more people, it's getting
to be a squeeze for the smaller ISPs who only have one link and Lose
Big Time if that one link goes belly-up.  

				Valdis Kletnieks
				Computer Systems Engineer
				Virginia Tech

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