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> > > That I'm aware of he isn't, when we moved to MCI from *spit* sprint we
> were
> > > told right up front we needed to go to Internic and get our IP blocks. 
> > 
> > I've heard a lot of wierd stories like this about most of the major
> NSP's.
> > It usually turns out to be some confused sales droid who doesn't really
> > know what his company's policy is. Now if you are multihoming to MCI and
> > elsewhere, they may well refuse to let you use their netblocks but that
> is
> > a completely different issue.
> This came from one of their folks handling routing and porting...No sales
> geek....
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You want a /19 anyway.  Go get it from the NIC.  You REALLY want to be
independant from any provider.  

I believe that any ISP in the United States has a colorable restraint of
trade claim if the NIC (or ARIN, should ARIN come about) refuses such a

Now when you go back for more be prepared to show that you're using (as
opposed to wasting) what you got in the first place.  That's expected, and
perfectly fine.  Forcing you to be tied as a RESELLER to your vendors is not
OK, and gives rise to all kinds of potential problems.

Not to mention that "hole punching" in a multi-homed environment probably
won't work anyway.  If you EVER intend to be multihomed, you NEED
provider-independant space -- period.

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