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Reply to MCI question

> I'll just take one second to clarify MCI's position.
> If your request is for address space equal to a /18 or more than we refer
> you to the InterNic since our addresses are non-portable and also in
> following Kim's recommendations and RFC 2050. If it is less and you have
> justified your request and you are also following "slow start" IAW RFC
> 2050 then we have no problems allocating address space to any of our
> customers. Thank you.

TKS for the clarification John....But all I needed was a /24 for startup
and was still directed to InterNIC...Maybe a mistake....But am glad you
clirified that for future reference...TKS again

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> On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, The Innkeeper wrote:
> > > > That I'm aware of he isn't, when we moved to MCI from *spit* sprint
> > were
> > > > told right up front we needed to go to Internic and get our IP
> > > 
> > > I've heard a lot of wierd stories like this about most of the major
> > NSP's.
> > > It usually turns out to be some confused sales droid who doesn't
> > > know what his company's policy is. Now if you are multihoming to MCI
> > > elsewhere, they may well refuse to let you use their netblocks but
> > is
> > > a completely different issue.
> > 
> > 
> > This came from one of their folks handling routing and porting...No
> > geek....