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Let's just go around in circles, shall we?

On Mon, 03 Feb 1997 14:16:58 EST, Paul Ferguson said:
> It is my opinion that if an entity wants a prefix (for the sake of
> this discussion) longer than a /19 which they can safely assume will
> be routable in the commodity Internet, they should obtain it from
> their upstream provider.

That's fine and dandy, unless you also want to multihome.  If you're
a group (a company for instance) that wants to be *really* available
All The Time, what do you do?

For instance, (speaking hypothetically) two companies that might
fall into this category are Netscape Inc and Yahoo Inc.
It appears that lives in a Barrnet network (198.95.251.X),
and lives in an MCI space ( at 204.71.177.X).

Are you saying that you would *prohibit* these two companies from
multihoming?  Even if they have the technical know-how, have their
own BGP wizard in house, and all that?  Neither company has anywhere
NEAR enough machines to qualify for a /19 based on size.  Are they
therefor chained to what they can negotiate with *one* provider?

(And yes, I know that these 2 companies have a large number of HTTP
mirrors, almost certainly spread across multiple vendors.  However,
not all IP services are as easily mirrored, so saying "you can work
around that for HTTP" is *not* an acceptable answer).

				Valdis Kletnieks
				Computer Systems Engineer
				Virginia Tech

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