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Let's just go around in circles, shall we?

At 02:12 PM 2/3/97 -0500, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:

>> ARIN cannot look into a crystal ball & predict whether a given prefix
>> is routable in the Internet, and frankly, should *not* be in the business
>> of predictions. This is simply not practical, and attempting to assume
>> that one could actually do this is not in touch with reality.
>I fully agree with that statement.  However, could somebody
>please elucidate to me what ARIN's legal exposure is in giving
>out a prefix longer than /19, when they know that *current* practice
>will render it unrouted from many locations?

It is my opinion that if an entity wants a prefix (for the sake of
this discussion) longer than a /19 which they can safely assume will
be routable in the commodity Internet, they should obtain it from
their upstream provider.

- paul