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Price dropped!!!

Dear Sir:

Based on our research we feel that you may be interested in receiving periodic updates on prices on various computer components.  We apologize for any inconvenience that may have cause you, and if you want to be removed from our list.  Please just send us an email with subject REMOVE!! We will take you off our list.

For this here is our prices on Computer Components:

IBM 133 MHz  166+  CPU-$146.00

72 Pin 
1MB X 32 EDO 60 ns(4mb)-$17.00
2mb X 32 EDO 60 ns(8mb)-$30.95
4mb X 32 EDO 60 ns(16mb)-$69.00

33.6k W/O voice-$67.95
33.6k W/voice-$77.95


8X CD ROM-$92.00
Ess 1868 16 bit soundcard-$28.95

Iomega Zipp Drive Ext. Parallel/SCSI-$179.00

Diamond Stealth 64 1mb Dram PCI-$59.00

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