NAIPR Message


At 12:23 AM -0500 2/3/97, Dave Curado wrote:
>>>> Is ARIN willing to take back the block and refund the fee paid?
>In a bizarre twist, this could theoretically cost you money. =-)
>Kim and David Conrad (et al) have made it clear that the registry
>is charging for the work that goes into making the allocation, not
>for the address space itself.  When you "de-allocate" space, they have
>to go through more work (although probably much less) to edit their
>files, databases, whois server, etc.
>(all that said, I'd bet they won't charge for this service =-)

Interesting observation.  Perhaps a "15% restocking charge" much as imposed
by many stores after sales.

>In any case, the question is not relevant as ARIN (just as the NIC)
>can only allocate space, but can not guarantee routability.

Yes.  This point cannot be made strongly enough.  While it would be nice to
have a guarantee of routability, the ISP/registry/etc. infrastructure does
not exist to do this, cannot be created in the short term before Internic
replacement operations must start, and may not be technically possible.