NAIPR Message


        > One alternative, albeit a very troublesome one, is that the ISPs
        > which prevent the grant from being effectively being used should
        > be required, as a condition of their respective ARIN grant, to
        > pay the costs.
    No, that's not possible either.  Let's say that I get a /16 from ARIN,
    and try to set up a peering session to announce it to MCI, and plan to
    run default-free.  MCI is, of course, not going to actually bother to
    send packets to me for this this block, regardless of how big it is;
    they'll want to send the packets to someone they already have a
    peering agreement with. If it's my whim that I want to run default
    free, then they've just rendered my block useless.  Under the scheme
    you suggest, I could return it to ARIN and MCI would have to pay a
    fee. I would, of course, keep doing this over and over until MCI gave
    in and set up a peering session, or Kim hired a thug to convince me to
    stop being a pest.
    Nice plan, but I doubt that Peter Kline, for instance, would sign off
    on it.

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