NAIPR Message

US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

> Back to the 'other issue':
> If the issue is routing, and NAIRP is 'charging' (registering)
> to use or advertise IP routing, then I think NAIPR should
> say so, publically.  However, publically at least, Ms. Hubbard's
> position appear to be that the charges (fees) are for running
> a registry only.
> It is difficult to react to a moving target.  Registry Fees ...
> Fees to Control the Size of Routing Tables .... Registry Fees ... 
> Routing Issues ... Resource Requirements to Run a Registry...

> which one is it, Ms. Hubbard?  Mr. Postal?  Mr. Bradner?

This has been stated enough times that I assumed you would have
understood by now that the fees are to fund the registry only.
And the name is Postel - not Postal.

> It appears that one thing is certain, there will be millions
> of dollars under NAIPR to pay the salaries of those whom
> created the organization and moved to collect fees.  On the
> surface, it appears the issues are more deep than antitrust.
> Creating an organization, implying businesses and individuals 
> cannot use the Internet if they do not 'join and pay fees' and 
> will not have global access goes beyond anti-competitiveness. 

Nowhere is it implied that businesses and individuals cannot use
the Internet if they do not join and pay fees.  Please reread the
proposal, Mr. Bass.
> Questions:
> Does one purchase 'protection' to insure IP address space
> will be routed?    If an organization does not pay NAIPR
> will Mr. Postal (IANA) provide address space?  Will NAIPR
> members routin non-NAIPR members globally?

ARIN will, as does the InterNIC, allocate globally unique
addresses.  ARIN will not route or guarantee routability of addresses.
> This is the paradigm it appears is being tacitly created.
> Ms. Hubbard, with all due respects, proposed the current
> paradigm years ago and now puts herself in a salaried
> position to manage affairs.  Is this ethical?  

Ms. Hubbard didn't propose anything.  And I'm already in a
salaried position and managing the affairs of IP allocation for
this region under the authority of the IANA.  
> These 'self appointed' NAIPR administers will be paid large
> salaries and given a 'position' for creating this organization,
> which, in my opinion, may be viewed as cyberspace spin of 
> the old 'pyramid scheme'.  

Well, if you mean that ARIN will use the same allocation guidelines
as InterNIC/RIPE/APNIC are using than yes you could say its the
same scheme. 

Kim Hubbard

> Tim