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If it makes you feel any less concerned....the intention is that
once ARIN is operational, there will be only one NSI employee on
the board, as I will be an employee of ARIN.  Of course, you are
free to infer something out of that fact also, since there is
probably nothing I could say to stop those of you who feel
that NSI has some hidden agenda regarding ARIN.  However, I will,
for the record, one more time, state that ARIN will be an independently
run organization with no connection to NSI.


> > Also, your assertion that while the members of the initial
> > Board of Trustees do not directly represent the ISP community,
> > I would assert that they are wholly competent & knowledgeable
> > to represent the interests of the Internet community at-large.
> I personally know two of the proposed BoT members.
> It is my opinion that they are honest, capable, and competent. I would
> trust their judgement.
> (As an aside, I am somewhat concerned that two of the proposed BoT members
> are employees of NSI -- this has nothing to do with them personally --
> rather, one might infer that this is more than a random coincidence and
> become concerned about what other non-random coincidences that this might
> foreshadow.)
> 		--karl--