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Implied warranty of routability?

While the *idea* may be stated in RFC 2050, the concept that the ARIN is a
preferred embodiment of the idea is *not*.  I checked.

This is part of the rationale for ARIN, after all.  As such, stating the
fact and recapping the concept in a rationale document is not redundant at

My pair-o-pennies(tm).

At 7:14 PM -0800 2/01/97, Paul Ferguson wrote:
>This is already stated in RFC2050; no need to be redundant.
>- paul
>At 11:28 PM 1/31/97 -0800, Stephen Satchell wrote:
>>What that says is that a block allocation from ARIN has a much better
>>chance of being "routable" than an arbitrary allocation without any
>>analysis.  In short, while the ARIN can't guarantee routing, it gives you a
>>much clearer chance of getting a routable block in a much shorter
>>Kim, perhaps this points needs amplification in the next version of the
>>proposal, plus a good-sized block of text in the rationale.

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