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At 7:12 PM -0800 2/01/97, Dave McClure wrote:
>While I deeply respect the knowledge represented on this listserv,
>I'd point out that no one here appears to have experience in
>management, or in the formation or operation of a real non-profit.
>As someone who does have such experience, I have to say that
>the current proposal will certainly face class-action lawsuits
>from those who actually have to foot the bill for this organization.
>Not to mention the anti-trust implications.

Hey, Dave, I'm offended by your statement.  I'm no new-comer to
not-for-profits, nor to the standards community either.

Name me ONE OTHER PERSON who has proposed any kind of budget numbers to
forecast the expense side of ARIN.  Where are *your* numbers, sir?  When
did you post them to public review?

As for the anti-trust implications, I suggest you go back and review your
law with regard to anti-trust and the establishment of manufacturer's
standards.  There is case law which is on all fours with ARIN -- I'll leave
it as an exercise to the student to find and understand that law.  (Hint:
look for a case involving interchangable parts -- and don't forget to blow
the dust off the book when you take it off the shelf.)

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