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US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

At 1:08 PM 2/01/97, Tim Bass wrote:
>I can prove to the Antitrust Division of DoJ and the FTC that a
>pro-competitive IP routing paradigm can be created.  However,
>please do not expect me to publish this paradigm in IETF. I will,
>however, share the technical details with DOJ or the FTC
>if requested.

Why not publish a peer-reviewed article in _Computer Communition Review_
(ACM SIGCOMM) so that your pro-competitive IP routing paradigm can be
discussed in academic circles?  In this manner, either or both DoJ and FTC
can find expert witnesses who have read your article and can validate or
deprecate your proposal based on the submission.

It can also start research independent of the Internet Society on your
plan, and might form the basis of "the new Internet" if it is accepted.

I can understand your attitude about IETF, although you will need to
remember that IETF is recognized as a "standards provider" as far as the US
Government is concerned (via ANSI).

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