[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 103: Change IPv6 AllocationProcess- revised

michael.dillon at wrote:
>> 3. How do you determine what sort of host count is fair?
> You can't count hosts any more. And IPv6 no longer has the
> concept of a host. The /128 addresses are "interface IDs"
> and the thing that was called a host in IPv4, could have
> more than 1 interface. In addition, IPv6 allows for multiple
> interface IDs per interface. It is a different world.

The only thing different in this so-called new world is terminology 
changes. IPv4 hosts are quite capable of more than one interface and of 
more than one address per interface. The change in terminology is a 
result of pervasive practice in IPv4 leading to discomfort with the 
"old" terms.

It is also an attempt to prod gear and software producers into handling 
this practice more robustly. It is not new and earth changing.

> --Michael Dillon