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Correct.  Thank you


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It might be useful to explain why each of these solutions is not
deployable for one or more types of multi-homing users.  Adding this text
may help to let people know how far off we are from a deployable solution.

I'd suggest you provide some text to Marla on a solution by solution
basis.  Depending on the text, she can either include this info either
under "cons", or "Questions to consider", or under a new section
"Deployability Concerns".

I suspect this is exactly what Marla was trying to do in a non-negative
constructive sort of way.


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> Hi Marla,
> While this document does a decent job at describing solutions, it does
> not address the #1 reason why no solution is deployed a decade after we
> started working on finding one: palatability of the solution to the end
> users. In other words: what are the realistic chances of a given
> solution to be successfully deployed in the real world.
> The main issue with IPv6 multihoming is not the pros and cons of
> solutions, but their deployability. Failure to understand this is why,
> 10 years after, we still are discussing the pros and cons of solutions.
> Michel.
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