[ppml] Multihome Pro Con Document

Michel-  That is true.  When reading through the Pro's and Cons you will see that they address that point.  Granted, it doesnt say it point blank and you have to comprehend what the pro's and con's are, but yes, this is true to be one of the hurdles we face.

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Hi Marla,

While this document does a decent job at describing solutions, it does
not address the #1 reason why no solution is deployed a decade after we
started working on finding one: palatability of the solution to the end
users. In other words: what are the realistic chances of a given
solution to be successfully deployed in the real world.

The main issue with IPv6 multihoming is not the pros and cons of
solutions, but their deployability. Failure to understand this is why,
10 years after, we still are discussing the pros and cons of solutions.