[ppml] Fwd: Keeping in reserve

Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> So what is the downside of simply giving out an additional, non- 
> growable prefix when a /48 isn't enough?

This results in involuntary fragmentation just like slow-start
in IPv4.

> Or just give out the space that would have been reserved immediately,  
> i.e., give out /44s instead of /48s?

That provides more space with which to voluntarily deaggregate.  That
could be a feature or a problem depending on your perspective.  It could
also be seen as unnecessarily wasteful since /48 is already a very
generous minimum assignment.

I like the bisection method.  It provides the maximum ability to expand
delegations without fragmentation.  It also removes any perceived
relationship between reserved space and your delegation.

- Kevin