[ppml] Collapsing Residential and Business Privacy (ease of use) Was: Re: Privacy of Non-Residential Reassignments in Public Whois

At 11:01 AM 4/19/2006, william(at) wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>>At 12:25 PM 4/10/2006, Divins, David wrote:
>>>Due to popular demand....Attempt number 3 at an accurate Subject :-)

[ SNIP ]

>>- creating a confidential/undercover registration clause to allow
>>   LEA to mask registrations for investigative, intelligence,
>>   or other purposes as long as they identify these to ARIN
>>   staff AND ARIN is able to handle such information per FISA, Title III.
>>   CALEA, and other applicable regulations (IANAL). This
>>   follows a concept invoked by DMV's related to license plates.
>>   (and a memory jogging by Heather Skanks - thank you!)
>There is too much complexity that you will impose on ARIN if you do it
>this way.

Yes, I meant to say the LIR? All we would be doing here is allowing
them to continue to mask data, but be required to base it on a
policy. I think this is just an administrative approval of what is
already taking place.

>I don't think ARIN is using sub-/24 allocations much for 
>registration purposes so I think just increasing the boundary will 
>be good enough.

I'm split to be honest. If no change occurs, I'm perfectly
content. The proposal was interesting, but unbalanced, IMHO.

If I get a chance this week, I'm going to hand sift through the
whois data and see if I can key in on business vs. residential
saturation in /29 to try and answer Owens concern.