[ppml] Definition of an (IPv6) End Site

I do think it is important to have both distinctions to some

Afterall, an organization which is not an LIR is not the same
as an organization which does not qualify as an LIR.

I do not believe we should issue end-user assignments to
organizations which qualify as LIRs in IPv6.

I also think there is some work to be done in clarifying the
qualification of an LIR.  I have heard at least two distinct
versions of what does and does not qualify as an LIR.  In
one version, I've been told that ARIN staff would not grant
LIR status to Megacorp. IT based on its plan to delegate
addresses to 200+ Megacorp. business units and/or departments.
In another version, I have been told that ARIN staff would
interpret this as a valid request.  I don't honestly know
which is currently true and/or whether it has ever changed.

Further, as I read the NRPM, it should be considered a valid
request, but, the NRPM does not make clear what type of
relationship or non-relationship is required in order
to qualify as "other organization".

If I were to put on my ARIN defined terms only blinders, then,
an Organization would be any entity which has  an ARIN ORG-ID,
and, "other organization" would then refer to any entity
with an ORG-ID different from my own.  Since anyone can
easily create as many ORG-IDs as they need, that doesn't
seem to me to be a very useful definition in this context.


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