[ppml] Technical error was ( Regarding private residence... )

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Samuel Weiler wrote:

> And going back to the original complaint, I have no objection to ARIN
> encouraging the suppression of residential registrant information.

I'm not at all surprised that some/many don't objection to it - that is
to be expected, but privacy & information-publication related debates 
have been going on both at ARIN and in country at large for long time 
showing very different opinions from various people on this topic.

The point of the complaint was really that ARIN has decided unilaterally
to recommend certain view which is not specified by the policies and has 
not undergone process of checking if consensus exist for this view. Its
actually more general issue on what kind of recommendations are really
appropriate for ARIN to make. I think the kind of recommendations that
are ok are technical once where certain way is considered more efficient 
for ARIN to deal with (i.e. ARIN might recommend that ReassignmentSimple
template be used if no POC would be entered for organization).

> In fact, I think that's a very good idea.  Keeping the phone book
> analogy, most folks know that their phone number may be listed in the
> phone book and, if nothing else, they receive a copy of the phone book
> every year to remind them of that directory's existence.  Absent that
> cultural expectation, I think it's better to default to suppression.

How can you find what "cultural expectation" is? And the "default no"
view is actually not supported by what has been going on. Its always
that congress or similar local government ended up having to specify
that certain privacy data should or must not be released. I note also
that in addition to phone book that you receive, personal data (including
address) is also made available for all those who register to vote
(and people don't receive book of registered voters in their community
unlike the phone books...) and in many other cases you might or might
not realize.

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