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[arin-discuss] Good Stewardship by example, I'd like to RETURN a /20

Just a quick question: Does anyone believe that the results of the elections do not affect and influence POLICY?


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On Jul 24, 2009, at 7:02 PM, Martin Hannigan wrote:

	Owen sent me [another] private email displaying confusion. Let me
	restate this [publicly] for clarity sake:

		On 7/24/09, Owen DeLong <owen at> wrote:

	That would be you, Owen Delong, the author.


	[ snip ]

			Bottom line is that you can't designate a proxy, but, you CAN make

			your input known

			to the process by participating on PPML even if you do not attend a


	That would be what you said. Your text.

Yep... Which clearly refers to POLICY and not to Elections which is the
only role a DMR really has.

	"Where does it say you can't designate a proxy as the DMR? I believe we
	can designate someone as our proxy by assigning them as DMR."

You can't designate a proxy for POLICY matters which is what the context
of the rest of my post made pretty clear.

Additionally you can't really appoint a PROXY for your DMR, so much as you can
appoint anyone you chose AS your DMR.

	"Each General Member shall name one designated member representative
	to vote on its behalf in any ARIN general election for the Board of
	Trustees and Advisory Council and other matters related to ARIN."

Right... ELECTIONS.  Nothing to do with POLICY, the subject of my post.

	That would be a quote from the ARIN bylaws.
	"The DMR must have a name and personalized e-mail address on record
	with the Member Services Department to be eligible to vote. The e-mail
	must include the person's name or initials and the organization's
	domain name. Role accounts are not acceptable."
	That would be from the ARIN website.
	Personally, I question that validity of ARIN requiring that form for
	the DMR without it being codified in the by-laws or even a community
	policy. Any email address should suffice as long as it is properly
	directed by the member.

I'll leave that between you and the BoT who are responsible for those

	Regardless, the bottom line is yes, you can in fact assign a proxy to
	cast your vote if you so choose.

Sure, in elections. However, since the discussion was about how to
affect POLICY discussions and "votes", the DMR is a rathole to the
original discussion and really has nothing to do with the subject.


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