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[arin-discuss] Food for thought: IPv4 accountability.

I'm sorry if it doesn't jibe with your conspiracy theories, but I had to
justify my v4 space 20 years ago in the same way you did 5 years ago. ARIN
and its predecessors did actually have standards then too.  For you (or I) to
lust after the v4 allocations the carriers and others already have is
fruitless.  Rather than whine over what others have legitimately obtained, we
must constructively be doing all we can to build out our v6 networks and

On 7/21/2009 5:57 PM, Nathaniel B. Lyon wrote:
> I fear the boys who are getting in on the IPv6 stuff, 20 years down the road will be no different than the boys in the IPv4 world.  How resources are handed out needs to change.  The sky is the limit on the IPv6 world, but what happens when the sky starts to fall?  This mentality was the same when the IPv4 stuff just started out.  
> I fear no lessons have been learned from the scarcity of IPv4 to the vastness of IPv6.  Unfortunately it seems right now the mentality is "just hand out the IPv6 pool, then ask the questions".  Nothing over the years have been learned.  :(  
> Let's not look at how legitimate an IPv4 request is, let's just deny it because we are running low and they don't meet our impossible prerequisites. 
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> Hi.
> This issue and scare of IPv4 going away, running out of space, I hear
> rice cakes are tasty - has been going on for way too long.
> I started my first ISP in 1993 and was told then that I needed to be
> stingy with my allocation.  16 years later, same mantra, same boys
> with their toys who don't want to share the pool.
> The issues of accountability go back to the mid/late-1990s when it was
> posed that companies/institutions/government be held to the same
> standards as joe schmoe consumer of netblocks.  Search the mailing
> list archives, I am sure you will find commentary in regular spats.
> This isn't going to change, unfortunately.
> The old boys club is just that: a club of old boys who have benefits
> for themselves.  They even have a sign on their clubhouse that states
> 'No Girlz'.  (the rest of us are the girlz if that wasn't obvious)
> BUT: you too can join the club: just rewind time by about 20 years,
> get in on the ground floor 'IP Address Give Away' stock offering.
> Or do what others do, buy larger netblock holding companies:  PROFIT
> If I sound a little bitter, I apologize.  The playing field should be
> level when it comes to this resource.  It never has been.  I don't
> think it ever will be.
> I said it, you read it, I can't take it back.